Tattoo aftercare

How to take care of your new tattoo :

It’s quite simple actually! First and most important rule of any new tattoo - always keep it clean. Wash it with mild soap every evening, before going to bed or after a workout. Also:

  • Apply tattoo cream (either provided by me or recommended what to use) every-time you feel the need e.g. tattoo feels itchy, dry, flaky ect;

  • Keep it dry during the day;

  • It will be itchy when it starts healing, avoid picking, scratching;

And yes, you can work out, shower, work as normal.

* If you have any questions always contact your tattoo artist!

*not sponsored

What to avoid with a fresh tattoo :

This part is as important as the aftercare, so please read carefully:

  • Avoid any direct sunlight while the tattoo is healing (when healed apply SPF50);

  • Avoid bathing in bathtubs, pools, saunas, lakes ect;

  • Avoid prolonged contact with animal fur, may cause allergies in some cases;

  • Do NOT use the aftercare cream too much or too often (max 3 times a day, apply thin even layer, remove excess if necessary);

That’s it! My job is done, the rest is up to you to keep your new tattoo clean, safe and moisturised.

Long Term tattoo care:

Yes! Aftercare doesn't end when the tattoo is healed. This last part consists of some tips on how to care for your healed tattoo over the years:

  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight exposure and excessive tanning, apply SPF50;

  • Maintain good skin health - exfoliate regularly and ALWAYS moisturise with lotions, body butters ect;

  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to support your overall health and improve skin elasticity;